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ChefTAB Kitchen Display

Many busy kitchens and bars struggle to maintain control in an environment driven by slips of paper. With the ChefTAB-BUMP or Chef-TAB Tablet these inefficiencies are eliminated. Kitchen personel can easily view all pending orders as well as review recently processed orders.

This state-of-the-art solution to your kitchen display needs is available in a number of configurations. The ChefTAB-BUMP consist of a fanless android controller and 20 key Bump-Bar.
It can be connected to any HDMI TV/Monitor.
The ChefTAB-BUMP can also operate with Touch-Screen monitor allowing the user to operate wit a touch of their finger.

ChefTAB is also available as a 14 inch, all-in-one, Android tablet which can be placed on a counter or mountes via a standard VESA mount.
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