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ChefTAB+ Product Overview

The large 14 inch, high resolution, Android tablet based ChefTAB+ easily interfaces to any POS system that supports network kitchen printers. It is perfect for bars, coffee shops, sandwich shops or any place you would use a kitchen printer. The ChefTab+ is an all-in-one solution to your Kitchen Display needs. This 14 inch tablet is ideal for the workplace where space is at a preminum.
If a tablet does not fit your requirments and you are looking for a more traditional KDS, the ChefTAB+ BUMP version of the ChefTAB+ is what you need. This ANDROID computer allows you to use an large flat-screen Display/TV with HDMI input. Orders are Bumped and function through it associated bump-bar.
The ChefTab can be configured for a number of screen formats... The traditional diner ticket wheel, a 5 X 5 display or even a 10 X 10 display.
Installation, with any POS/ECR system, is easy with the patent-pending Ticket Genie. Simply send a kitchen printer receipt to the ChefTAB+ or ChefTAB-Bump and the Ticket Genie will display the order and guide you in defining what data is to be displayed. You can choose fonts, size of characters as well as colors.