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EPAD Product Overview

The EPAD is powered by a Vortex 86SX processor with 128 MB DDR2 RAM ,a 512 MB Disk-On-Module,
2 Serial Ports, 3 USB ports, a PS-2 keyboard port, a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, a 1024 X 768 VGA port
and Compact Flash socket.Included with the EPAD is a choice of 2 rugged Bump-Bar keypads.
With over 100 POS/ECR pre-configurated interfaces to choose from, the EPAD Kitchen Video system easily replaces old fashion kitchen printers. The EPAD not only provides order information but also maintains production statistics .... Number of orders processed, average order time,process time, total order time as well as order counts by 30 second time periods.

Another feature of the EPAD is the KEY ITEM summary window. Just press the Fn key and a pop-up window appears with a summary of key items in pending orders.
The EPAD can not only help cooks in the kitchen, it is perfect for Drive-Thru operations, as an order expediter or even as a order ready display.