MicroPlus Inc.

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Company Product

MicroPlus family of Kitchen Display Systems

EPAD Kitchen Video Controller
The EPAD controller is a rugged fanless Mini Computer perfect for the restaurand kitchen environment. It can receive data from both TCP Ethernet or serial devices. The small size of the EPAD allows it to be easily mounted on the back of any flat screen monitor using 100 X 100 VISA holes.
ChefTab+ Tablet Display
The ChefTAB Bump, Android PC, operates with the same KDS software as the ChefTAB+ but allows for the use of larger Monitor / TV for display. Orders are cleared using a rugged traditional Bump-Bar.
ChefTab+ Bump
Utilizing the same technology that is dominating the computer industry, the new 14 inch. ChefTAB +, Android tablet based Kitchen Display System, is available to replace any Epson or Star kitchen printer.